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Slower Traffic Keep Right Decals

Printed In Reverse So They Can Read It In Their Rear View Mirrors

Help Us Educate The Slower Drivers

Just $11.95

Please note that these are High Quality Vinyl Decals that are laminated and built to last!  These aren’t some cheap plastic clings that will blow off as soon as you go over 50 miles per hour or when a windshield wiper hits it.  These decals also measure a BIG 30″ x 3″ to be sure they can be seen in someone’s rear view mirror.  We have included a Decal installation video near the bottom of the page.


Also Available In Normal Print For Your Back Window


We now also accept Bitcoin as payment for our Slower Traffic Keep Right Decals.  Just select BitCoin in the Payment Method drop down in the Shopping Cart.  Click here for Bitcoin details.

Slower Traffic Keep Right Decal Installation Video

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